The Class M compliant sMRT ALERT AIS DSC MOB combines AIS and VHF DSC technologies in a compact unit, featuring water-activated alerts, audible and visual signalling, and easy life jacket integration, setting a new standard for marine safety.

The sMRT ALERT AIS DSC MOB is a user-friendly man-overboard device that seamlessly integrates AIS and VHF DSC technologies into one compact, powerful unit. Utilising water activation technology, audible and visual indicators, and multiple fixing options for simple life jacket integration, plus compatibility with the sMRT beacon management mobile app for product health checks, the sMRT ALERT is a comprehensive Class M compliant alerting and locating solution, setting a new standard for marine safety.

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    Nearby vessels are automatically alerted about the man-overboard situation via DSC technology.

  • AIS

    The live location of the individual overboard is continuously updated and displayed through AIS technology.

  • Dual GNSS

    Integrated GPS and Galileo receivers ensure rapid, global detection, enhancing accuracy in locating the individual.

  • Class-M Compliance

    Compliant with European regulation ECC/DEC/(22)02 pertaining to MOB device usage, ensuring adherence to international standards.

  • Mobile App Compatibility

    Connects seamlessly to the sMRT Beacon Management App via NFC, allowing users to monitor device status and conduct health checks conveniently.

  • Water Activation

    Activates automatically when submerged in water for 2 seconds, ensuring immediate response in emergency situations.

  • Strobe Light

    Features a high-powered strobe light for enhanced visual identification during night-time, aiding rescue efforts in low-light conditions.

  • Coloured LEDs

    LEDs change colour based on the beacon's status, providing visual cues for device functionality and alerts.

  • Arming Door

    Includes a swing door mechanism to prevent unintended arming and activations, reducing the risk of false alarms.

  • 5-Year Battery Life

    Offers extended battery longevity backed by a UK manufacturer's warranty, providing reliability and peace of mind.

  • Audible Alarm

    Features an audible alarm to aid in location and alert users of potential false activations, enhancing user awareness.

  • Dual Activation Methods

    Can be activated manually or upon water immersion, ensuring functionality even if the user is incapacitated or unable to activate the device.

  • Environmental Consideration

    Packaged in 100% recyclable materials; batteries replaced only by approved service centres, promoting sustainability and responsible disposal.

  • Test Functionality

    Enables manual testing and app-based compatibility checks for power and functionality status, allowing users to verify device readiness.

  • Waterproof Design

    Designed to withstand water exposure, ensuring durability and reliable performance in marine environments.

The sMRT ALERT AIS DSC MOB is an innovative man-overboard device that features AIS and VHF DSC technologies in a sleek, compact design. Engineered with precision, this device priorities user-friendliness without sacrificing functionality or reliability and is ready for immediate use.

A standout feature of the sMRT ALERT is its water activation technology. Designed to activate upon immersion, this feature ensures the device automatically sends a distress alert and location when you enter the water. Alongside manual activation, it offers peace of mind knowing the beacon will work even if you're unable to activate it or if your life jacket malfunctions.

Understanding the importance of comfort and convenience, the device is adaptable to various life jacket styles with multiple fixing options. This versatility allows users to simply integrate the sMRT ALERT into their life jacket without the need for complex fitting instructions, promoting safety without compromising comfort or mobility.

Additionally, the sMRT ALERT comes equipped with an internal DSC receiver, enabling it to receive and display DSC acknowledgements. Compliant with the 2024 ECC Class M requirements for Man Overboard devices, it ensures adherence to industry standards and future readiness.

Compatible with the sMRT Beacon Management mobile app, users can easily conduct product health checks, monitor device status in real-time, and maintain a record of test history. Serving as a digital dashboard, the app provides valuable insights, ensuring the device always operates at peak performance.

In summary, whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice mariner, the intuitive design of the sMRT ALERT ensures effective and confident deployment in emergency situations.


Compatible with the sMRT Beacon Management Mobile Application.

  • Check beacon status
  • Check battery level
  • Self-test device
  • Input MSSI numbers

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