PLB Amnesty 2022.

PLB Amnesty 2022

Do you or your organisation have old and unwanted equipment? If so, we can recycle it for you as part of our August amnesty.

We will begin a month-long Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) amnesty on August 1st, allowing organisations and individuals with unused or expired PLBs to return them back to us to be disposed of correctly.

We want to ensure that equipment that is currently being stored and considered "unfit for purpose" is responsibly recycled rather than being discarded in a way that may damage the environment.

We will be accepting all manufacturers and brands of equipment, not just MRT-manufactured equipment. It also doesn't matter what condition it is in, our team of specialists will handle it safely and securely before stripping it down to be recycled. 

During this time, no questions will be asked of anyone returning equipment. The amnesty is a global initiative, and we invite everyone who can do to participate.

This will be the first PLB amnesty, and we hope that it will help organisations to minimise their carbon footprint, improve the amount of on-site storage, and allow us all to work more cost-effectively when it comes to ensuring the proper disposal of life-saving equipment.

If you want to participate in the PLB amnesty, please send your equipment to the address below:

PLB Amnesty

Marshall House,

Zarya Court, Grovehill Road, Beverley,

East Yorkshire, HU17 0JG, United Kingdom

If you would like any marketing materials to help promote the PLB amnesty within your organisation, then please email


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