A new identity for a new future.

A new identity for a new future

Where Did It All Begin?

In 1960, David Marshall was thrown overboard into the shark-infested waters of the South Pacific. After two hours stranded in the water, he was rescued, purely by chance by another vessel.

Having experienced the trauma of a man-overboard situation first-hand, he embarked on a personal mission to improve personal safety at sea and in January 1979 launched the first commercially manufactured Personal Locator Beacon at the London Boat Show.

After many years of hard work, and numerous awards, in 2001, David expanded and reformed the family business and Marine Rescue Technologies was born. Since then as a business we have grown, going on to develop and launch state of the art personal safety products into the commercial market, leading us to become a global leader of offshore and marine safety equipment.

What is Changing?

It has now been 60 years since the day David went overboard which began the chain of events that would lead to the establishment of Marine Rescue Technologies, and 45 years since the first ever PLB was released. We want to continue to honour David’s achievements, but we must also represent what the future holds for us as a business and we have decided it was time for a change…

We are continuing to grow, invest and lead the commercial marine industry with innovation and a passion to constantly improve safety. With this in mind, we have decided to utilise our expertise and expand our offering beyond the commercial marine industry. Our new safety products will soon protect both marine and land-based recreational and leisure users. This means that yachters, sailors, hikers and adventurers alike will be able to benefit from our years of industry leading expertise.

Why Have We Changed?

Firstly, over the years our current customers have come to know us as and refer to us as MRT, so we thought we would make it official. Moving from Marine Rescue Technologies to MRT also represents our growth into the recreational marine and land-based sectors, whilst not forgetting and building up on our existing 45 years of history and experience in the commercial world.

Secondly, as a modern, forward thinking and innovative business the current brand simply doesn’t represent who we are. It had become dated and in need of a refresh. Our new identity has been carefully designed to be clean, distinctive and represent what we do.

As a business our mission is to continue to develop, manufacture, supply and service world-leading equipment to maximise the safety of every person at sea or on land. The aim of which is to increase the probability of successful survival and rescue, ultimately preventing the loss of life.

We are also committed to doing our bit in order to help improve marine conservation as well as lowering our carbon footprint. Over the next year we will be making changes to the way we work whilst also working alongside the fantastic charity Sea-Changers, in order to raise awareness of marine conservation issues around the world.

If you would like to find out more about MRT, what our plans are for the future are or any opportunities to work together in the future, please feel free to email marcusp@mrtsos.com

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